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Kick your bumpy ride to the curb!

Stop bobbling the hot coffee on the morning commute. With new tires and/or proper suspension repairs and care you can put the smooth glide back in your ride. At F & H Tire Co. you get over 60 years of company experience behind all the tire and suspension work you need.

Stay in control; keep your ride safe and smooth

We specialize in Tire sales, Tire installations, Tire rotations, Alignments, Shocks, Struts, and Balancing. We guarantee all of our work, and we want you to think of F&H Tire Company first for your tire needs.

Tire Services
Tire Services
Tire Services
Save On Maintenance
Tires and suspension repairs can be pricey. Promote even wear to maximize the lifespan of your tires, shocks, and brakes with regular balancing, alignments, and tire rotations.
Protect Your Investment
With proper tire service and alignment, you can make sure you are doing all you can to minimize down time and keep your vehicle running.
RV & Large Vehicle Alignments
Drive a bigger vehicle like an RV or truck? With all that extra weight making sure it's properly aligned. But many car shops won't work on larger rides. Don't worry, we do.

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